Southern Africa Regional Learning Event

The Southern Africa Regional Learning Event (SA RLE) was held in Harare, Zimbabwe from 5 to 8 May 2015. The event was attended by civil society organisations (CSOs) of the CS WASH Fund and their partners from local government and other organisations. CSOs represented included Welthungerhilfe, WaterAid, World Vision, Concern Universal, Plan International and Red Cross.

The objectives of the learning event were to:

  • Improve the effectiveness and sustainability of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects within the Fund, particularly in relation to CSOs and Local Government working together.
  • Strengthen relationships between CSOs, local government and other transformation agents within the Southern Africa Region to extend specific areas for collaboration and sharing.
  • Provide a forum to build the WASH community of practice within the Fund, and learn from and share with the wider WASH community.

The SA RLE program included workshop sessions, a day of field trips for participants to observe some local WASH projects and an Open Day.


4 day program

Open day program


Day 1

Keynote: Southern Africa regional perspectives on local government and WASH service delivery
Dr Kudzai Chatiza, Development Governance Institute

Keynote: Working with Local Government to improve the delivery of sustainable WASH services
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

Building Communities of Practice
Bronwyn Powell, CS WASH Fund

Engaging with the Fund Website
Celina Liston, CS WASH Fund

Day 2

Delivering sustainable WASHMonitoring services | Briefing note
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

Harmonisation amongst CSOs, aligning with government and incentivising for change | Briefing note
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

Financing for sustainable WASH | Briefing note
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

Strategy Mapping
Paul Tyndale-Biscoe and Bruce Bailey, Monitoring, Evaluation & Review Panel

Day 4

Keynote: Future Trends in WASH and the Role of Aid
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

The Civil Society WASH Fund in the Australian Aid Program
Robyne Leven, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Evolving Role of CSOs in the CS WASH Fund
Paul Tyndale-Biscoe, Monitoring and Evaluation Review Panel

Disability and WASH
Sian White, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Summary of content areas and learning outputs from the Southern Africa Regional Learning Event
Harold Lockwood, Aguaconsult

Synthesis Report - Civil Society Organisations and Government working together for sustainable WASH services


Organisation Duration Location Type Link Topic
Organisation CS WASH Fund Duration 05/05 - 08/05 Location Cresta Lodge Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe Type Knowledge & Learning Link Topic Sustainability